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In the Shadow of a Wish

Fareview Fairytale Book 1


Website(s) www.maciaurora.com 
Genres Romance, Fantasy
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Auri Fareview, practical and realistic, does what she can to serve her impoverished family. When she finds a golden key that could be the answer she needs to save her sisters from the unjust Kaloma Marriage Laws, she discovers the treasure might be more than she bargained for. Enchanted, it doesn’t just come with a price attached, it’s also home to an imprisoned god, who wreaks havoc on her body, her heart, and her soul. And those aren’t practical matters. He has the power to break her.

Nixus Uraiahs has lost track of how long he’s been imprisoned by the spell on the key. There have been six key-keepers, all of whom have failed to break the spell to free him. So, he will hold this 7th key-keeper accountable to the bargain of the spell: three wishes and a price for each. Except Auri approaches her wishes differently than any of the others, and Nix begins to see her as more than just a key-keeper. She intrigues him, proving her strength, surprising him, and enchanting him. Though he’s entrapped by the enchantment placed on the key, Nix realizes his heart is at risk of being captured by the seventh key-keeper and that is a risk he can’t afford to take knowing his villainy is just a single wish away.

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