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Betrothed to the Beast

Reformed Rogues Book 1


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Illustrator 100covers
Genres Romance, Historical Fiction
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Highland Chieftain Beiste MacGregor is a ruthlessly ambitious warrior with the viciousness of a beast. He has little interest in women beyond the bedchamber. On order of the Red King he reluctantly travels with his men to the Lowlands to formalize a Betrothal to a woman from clan Dunbar. He is not prepared for the troublesome but striking clan healer he meets on the way, who not only infuriates him but stirs something deep within his soul.

Amelia Dunbar is a clan healer and the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Dunbar. When she is not serving as a Companion to her half sister, she is tirelessly attending to the sick in her clan. Amelia has plans to find her mother’s people in the Highlands and is about to embark on her journey when she is waylaid by the arrival of fearsome warriors. One warrior they call ‘the Beast’, rouses her ire and sets her heart racing at the same time.

Warning: Possessive brawny alpha males ahead. Some adult content, situations and occasional historical inaccuracies.

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