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Garbageman Book Three


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Book Series Garbageman Trilogy
Genres Paranormal, Science Fiction
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This new adventure is not your average ghost story.
This tale will scare the soul out of you.

After fourteen years, a funeral brings David’s family and his friends together. Little did they know that soon, their lives would be intertwined again.
Someone… or something… is hunting them down.
Detective Stanton doesn’t know why so many people are going on a murderous rampage.
When a vengeful ghost from the past targets David’s friends and family, they come together to fight this unseen enemy.
Even with David’s telekinetic powers, he will need the help of Stanton and an eccentric doctor and inventor, to hunt down this poltergeist.
To make matters worse, Hellann might have escaped from Hell’s prison.
The trio will venture into the lower levels of Hell to stop the Wraith and make sure Hellann hasn’t escaped. Can David and the Garbageman stop this malicious Phantom?

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