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Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984

(The Fergus She #1)


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Haunted by an abusive past, 80s rocker Rachel is emotionally damaged. Worse, her mind has split, giving birth to Scarlett, a seductive alternate personality who does sinful things. When Scarlett slips out to play, people disappear. Rachel’s psychiatrist prescribes meds. Her mother wants an exorcism. Rachel just wants to be normal.

On her 18th birthday, a steamy encounter with sexy Highlander, Angus McNab, leads Rachel to hope life will finally be kind. Angus seduces her with his Scottish sayings, his mouth, his hands, and Scarlett takes an unnatural, fleshy interest in the “Scottish bull”. Just when Rachel thinks she might trust Angus enough to fall in love, Scarlett’s perverted desires become hellish, and Rachel must battle for control of their shared body.

Soon, Rachel is fighting for her life as she unravels the sinister truth of Scarlett to reveal an ancient curse, unforgivable betrayals, and a forgotten, supernatural heritage. In this menacing reality, Rachel learns there are worse things than madness.

Can Rachel put Scarlett down and finally live a normal life, or will ‘The Fergus She’ steam the town red with blood? And when the battle reaches its peak, which femme fatale will Angus choose?

Buy this book, now, and prepare yourself for a new series addiction!

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