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Devil’s Cauldron


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Do you believe in Angels and Demons?
What would you do if you discovered your blood is valuable to both of them?

A mysterious 10,000-year-old structure buried deep under the ice in the coldest place on Earth. A secret research facility using advanced technology developed by Nazi scientists. Cryptic messages sent to the FBI by a Mischlinge, one of Hitler’s Jewish Nazi’s, warning the world the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, are about to return.

Project Nimrod is close to success.

A dire warning, Beware the Devil’s Cauldron, catapults Ethan Freeman into another life-threatening adventure. Recovering from ensuring the Light Gate protecting the Angelic Prison known as the Abyss remains closed, he faces even more powerful enemies. A Portal has been opened to another dimension. But the scientists intending to use it to achieve god-like powers have no idea the evil they’ve unleashed.

Ethan must stop Project Nimrod.

If the former Special Forces Ranger fails, humanity will suffer at the hands of unimaginable evil. If you like epic battles, angels and demons, and supernatural conspiracy’s then you’ll love the riveting sequel to Infernal Gates.

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