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When Distilled From Rage


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Genres Mystery
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What secrets do the peatlands hide?

An octogenarian distiller is wary of the goings-on in his distillery. The only person he can turn to is innkeeper Aileen Mackinnon.

Amateur sleuth Aileen Mackinnon has a knack for numbers and accounting. After all, she was a revered forensic accountant once. Wanting to wear her sleuthing hat once again, she takes on this simple case, never expecting a foray into familial fights, flying bullets and death.

Detective Inspector Callan Cameron is ordered to stay away from the peatlands. That means he’ll never find his best friend’s body. But something strange is brewing in Loch Fuar. As summer blazes through town, unease and distrust run rampant.

Has the summer heat awoken a murderer or were they awaiting the return of a Mackinnon?

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