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The Creation of Marla Adams

Just When You Thought It Was Safe


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Genres Mystery, Thriller
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Someone is killing the citizens of Hildebrandt, Texas, and carving perplexing numbers on the bodies. Police Officer Marla Adams is forced into a position for the first time in her career. She has never wanted to be the lead investigator of a major crime, but when the police chief, her father, struggles with his mental illness and her husband, Detective Crosby Adams, battles his demons with drugs and alcohol, she is forced to take control. Everyone expects her to fail.

Marla charges headlong to save her community from destruction and chases leads near home, across Texas, and halfway around the globe to Montenegro. But Marla is losing the battle and her will. The town is right. They’re doomed. She doesn’t stand a chance of finding the killer. Until a secret is revealed. One that might break the case wide open and place her squarely in the sights of the monster taking lives in her backyard.

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