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Killing Carter


Website(s) www.colinweldon.com 
Genres Mystery
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Carter Page’s life is a fortress of success, hiding behind its walls a terrifying dark truth that’s been haunting him for years. A media billionaire, untouched by the vulnerabilities of love and connection, Carter’s world is shattered when the secret begins to hunt him, threatening everything he holds dear.

When his daughter is kidnapped and a twisted game unfolds, Carter is pulled into a nightmarish chase. With the assistance of the only woman he’s ever trusted, he must face what he’s been running from. Each unraveling clue leads him closer to a secret that won’t stay buried.

In “Killing Carter,” the past is a shadow, love is a risk, and trust is a double-edged sword. It’s a pulse-pounding thriller that will grip you from the first page, plunging you into a world where secrets have teeth and the past is a relentless pursuer.

When you live a life walking on eggshells, you learn quickly how easy they are to break. Are you ready for the relentless chase? Are you ready for “Killing Carter”?

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