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Etched in Stone


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Illustrator Giselle Harrington
Genres Mystery, Young Adult
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A dead professor. A gold pendant. A mysterious poem. As Carly Stuart starts college, the search for a murderer—and the Holy Grail itself—is on.

The only thing Carly Stuart wants to do is fill her late grandmother’s shoes. Following in the footsteps of her Gran, a trailblazer archaeologist who paved the way for women in the field, Carly enters Nassauton College as a freshman studying archaeology, with her journal, satchel, and an entire closet full of Gran’s shoes in tow. Carly’s ambitions get off to a promising start when she uncovers an ancient artifact and a note left to her by Gran, putting Carly on a quest for the Holy Grail itself. Armed with her quick wits and new friends—including Dr. Kells, her archaeology professor, and Blane, her cute-but-nerdy boyfriend—Carly finds herself thrust into a mystery of international scale and historical significance that even Indiana Jones would be excited to pursue. But with a dead professor, and criminals anticipating her next moves, will Carly and her partners have the courage to see their Grail quest through?

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