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The Uninvited Visitors

Starfoot and Brown Book 2


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Book Series Starfoot and Brown
Genres Middle Grade
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Back on mysterious Bald Head Island, North Carolina, two children are in trouble, and Chihuahua detectives Starfoot and Brown are on the case.

Isabel is a gifted, fifteen-year-old saxophone player, whose scientist father is in danger on the other side of the world. He sends Isabel a frightening message that sends her into hiding on Bald Head Island.

Jordy is a boy unlike other boys. On a school trip to the island, he follows his curiosity into the woods and finds himself separated from the rest of his class.

Fate comes to fruition when Isabel and Jordy meet and instantly strike up a friendship. But Starfoot and Brown smell danger in the air, and it’s blowing straight toward these two talented young people. The detectives must use every bit of their cunning and creativity to help their new friends find safety.

What follows is a frolicking adventure of mystery, friendship, and growing up, decorated with plenty of laughs to make the journey truly enjoyable. Author Rhoda Canter’s follow-up to The Adventures of Starfoot and Brown is a touching and harrowing tale of fear of the unknown, coming-of-age, and the desire for a fresh start at life.

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