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The Hero, a Hag, and Foggle-nogger

The Race for Croggerpooey


Genres Middle Grade, Fantasy
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Sometimes a kid just knows when to run. Call it instinct. But when Dennis stops running from his problems, his world changes.

In this humorous and thrilling adventure about confronting bullies, making friends, and keeping promises, Dennis—a bullied twelve-year old great-grandson of a heroic Knight—must overcome his embarrassing struggles at the Knight Academy and save the kingdom of Croggerpooey from the villainous Horrrible Rick .

When Horrible Rick steals the King’s Book of Coded Spells, can Dennis—the athletically challenged and bullied Knight Academy failure—somehow find a way to get it back?

After being dropped naked into Croggerpooey’s Black Burp Swamp, Dennis befriends the jovial Foggle-nogger, crosses the Great Deep and Very Steep Gorge, and strikes dubious bargains with the Wiley Old Hag.

Oh, and there are hermit dwarfs, a brave knight, and a giant creature that may or may not poop boulders.
Cheer for Dennis as he contends with malodorous land pirates, inept ghosts, snatching swoopers, ferocious wolzelles, and of course, Horrible Rick.

Can Dennis retrieve the Book before Horrible Rick deciphers its magic? If he fails, the kingdom of Croggerpooey will be doomed and Dennis can never return home.

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