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The Eye

The Meaning of Fruth Vol. 1


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Genres Literary Fiction, Fantasy
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The Eye is a funny non-human allegory on contemporary culture. The story is narrated through teletweets, the puzworld telepathic messages. Fidelio seeks help from the Snailwood’s preeminent Scientist in his quest of finding a way to foretell the future. The two invent the Total Information Awareness Program. Fearing the misuse of the Program by the Snailwood’s President and her powerful Secretary, Fidelio abandons the Program and teams up with Tlag, the Snailwood’s only unsynchronized telepathic Medium. They lead the young Snailwooders to a better future in Oceania. Will they find a way out of Snailwood by following the naked Artists? Will Dr. O find Tlag and apply his powerful sting against her? Find out in this witty allegory garnished with scientific facts and references. In the words of one reviewer: “It’s a creative world and nothing I’ve ever expected to read or encountered before.”

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