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Where Eagles Never Flew

A Battle of Britain Novel

Illustrator Photos courtesy of Edith Heap and Chris Goss
Genres Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
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Based on actual events and eye-witness accounts, “Where Eagles Never Flew” shows the Battle of Britain from both sides of the Channel through the eyes of pilots, controllers, ground crews – and the women they loved.

RAF Battle of Britain Ace Wing Commander Bob Doe called it “The best book about the Battle of Britain I have ever seen!” USAF General Heaton noted: “The description of the flying scenes is so accurate, I can easily imagine myself in all of the air-to-air battles.” Kirkus Reviews praised the “complex characterizations.” Foreword Clarion called the book both “compelling” and “humanizing.” Steven Robson found the book “both inspirational and terrifying in its reality,” while Grant Leishman calls it: “…a sweeping, exhilarating and at times intensely bittersweet story…”

Summer 1940: The Battle of France is over; the Battle of Britain is about to begin. If the swastika is not to fly over Buckingham Palace, the RAF must prevent the Luftwaffe from gaining air superiority over Great Britain. Standing on the front line is No. 606 Squadron. As the casualties mount, new pilots find a cold reception from the clique of experienced pilots, who resent them taking the place of their dead friends. Meanwhile, despite credible service in France, former RAF aerobatics pilot Robin Priestman finds himself stuck in Training Command — and falling for a girl from the Salvation Army. On the other side of the Channel, the Luftwaffe is recruiting women as communications specialists — and naïve Klaudia is about to grow up.

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