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The Usurper King


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Book Series The Plantagenet Legacy
Genres Historical Fiction
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The exiled Henry Bolingbroke had two choices: languish in outlawry or return to claim his patrimony.

King Richard made it easy for him; he forced Henry’s hand by confiscating his inheritance. Then the king went to Ireland—leaving the country ripe for Lancaster’s return. It was almost too easy. Gathering support from the day he landed at Ravenspur, Henry marched across the country and vanquished the forsaken king. But little did Henry realize that his problems were only just beginning.
From Rebel to Usurper, Henry IV found himself in an untenable position. How does he prove his legitimacy? What to do with the deposed king? How can he satisfy his supporters when the exchequer is empty? How can he control the overweening Percies, who were already demanding more than he could give? What to do with the rebellious Welsh?

After only three years, the horrific Battle of Shrewsbury nearly cost him the throne—and his life. In the end, Henry was to discover that that having the kingship was much less rewarding than striving for it.

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