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The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac


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Illustrator Luke Harris
Genres Historical Fiction
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The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac is inspired by true events which took place in the Jura region of France during 1943/44.
In February 1944, preparations for the D-Day invasion are well advanced. When contact with Belvedere, one of the Resistance networks in the Jura region of Eastern France, is lost, Elizabeth Maxwell, is sent back to the region to find the head of the network, her husband Guy Maxwell. It soon becomes clear that the network has been betrayed. An RAF airdrop of supplies was ambushed by the Gestapo, and many members of the Resistance have been killed.
Surrounded by the brutal Gestapo and the French Milice, and under constant danger of betrayal, Elizabeth must unmask the traitor in their midst, find her husband, and help him to rebuild Belvedere in time for SOE operations in support of D-Day. The story follows a network of escape routes used by smugglers across the Swiss border, and harrowing events which took place between the Maquisards and the Resistance who faced an unprecedented crackdown from collaborators working alongside the Gestapo from their headquarters in Besançon, Dijon, and Lyon.

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