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The Scottish Movie


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Harry Greenville, a young actor and part-time writer struggling to make a living in modern Los Angeles, writes a novel about Shakespeare.

‘It’s 1606 and the Bard needs a new play for King James, who is notoriously hard to please. As history tells us, he comes up with ‘Macbeth’. But the rehearsals are dogged by illnesses and accidents, the royal premiere gets the royal thumbs down, and the actors consider the play to be more than unlucky; they believe it’s cursed. The question is: Why?’

Harry’s novel offers an intriguing answer, and he posts the first draft on a website in the hope that a Hollywood agent will discover it. And someone in the movie business does discover it — but not the kind of person Harry had in mind.

The Scottish Movie weaves a despicable theft, shattered dreams, and a perfect revenge into an entertaining Shakespearean plot that’s as old as the hills — and as current as Google.

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