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The Laconia Incident


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It’s mid-September 1942. A German U-boat, U-156, sinks a converted British ocean liner, HMT Laconia, with just two torpedoes. The captain of the sub is horrified to discover that the troop transport he has just sunk was carrying 1,800 Italian POWs, along with British and Polish passengers and crew.
Why the sub captain chooses to launch an operation to rescue his surviving Italian allies is perfectly understandable. But why he also chooses to rescue the British and Polish survivors is truly a mystery. How and why he pursues the rescue, while convincing the German U-boat command and Adolph Hitler to go along with it, is an even more illogical conundrum.
This then is the basis for The Laconia Incident, a story with complex ramifications that just go to show that truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction. Read this dramatized account of the true story and learn the facts behind the apparent “fiction.” The answers will intrigue and amaze!

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