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The Clay Endures

Book 2 in The Clay Series


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Genres Historical Fiction
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The wife of a dreamer, Esperanza Ramirez comes to this desolate place in the nineteenth century with her husband to build a cattle ranch beneath a rugged ridge in the back range of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With no other homesteads nearby, she has no neighbors or friends to offer companionship. In spite of her loneliness, she struggles to keep her promise to the man she loves. With marauding Apaches stealing their cattle, engaging her husband in battle, and attacking freighters who carry supplies from Tucson to Camp Grant, any day could be her last.

Finding an ancient pot buried in her garden offers her a source of strength and a sense of companionship–the presence of another woman who had lived in this place centuries before. But will it be enough when she delivers her stillborn child alone, when outlaws attack her, and when the mysterious Apache who watches from a distance makes his move?

Esperanza’s is a story that remains in this scrap of desert for others to find.

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