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Kingdom of Rebels

Rebels and Brothers


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Book Series Rebels and Brothers
Genres Historical Fiction
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When all hope is gone, only death lies in wait…

England in 1468 is a nervous kingdom.

King Edward IV has fallen out with his chief ally, the powerful Earl of Warwick.

Ned Elder, a young lord whose sword helped put Edward on the throne, has been forced out of England by Warwick.

Far away on the Scottish border, a beleaguered fort, Crag Tower, desperately awaits Ned’s return. Led by his fiery sister, Eleanor, the dwindling garrison is all that remains of his brave army of retainers. Unknown to all except the loyal Ragwulf, Eleanor has Ned’s young son in her charge – a son who has never seen his father. As border clansmen batter the gates with fire, the castle seems certain to fall.

One by one Ned’s family and friends are caught up in Warwick’s web of treason. The fate of the Elders and those who serve them lies in the balance as all are drawn back to Yorkshire where they face old enemies once more.

Eleanor can only hope that Ned will soon return. She must fight to keep that hope alive and when Lady Eleanor fights, she takes no prisoners.

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