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Fire and Steel


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Genres Historical Fiction
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Fire and Steel is the first anthology of The Soldier Chronicles action-packed historical series. This collection contains the five-star rated books 1-5, all brought together for the very first time: LIBERTY OR DEATH It is the height of the 1798 Irish Rebellion and someone is murdering Protestants and Catholics indiscriminately. As Ireland burns, Major Lorn Mullone must find out the truth and apprehend the killer before it’s too late. THE EMERALD GRAVES short-story is also included as a bonus with this edition. HEART OF OAK Meet Captain of Marines Simon Gamble, once seen in battle, never forgotten. A professional soldier, daring and brave, but he is certainly no gentleman. He leads a fearsome company marines who have been tasked to capture a formidable fortress held in enemy hands. BLOOD ON THE SNOW Holland, 1794, and all hope is lost. Disease, famine and a winter of unrivalled malice has punished the small retreating British Army as it follows the long road home. But freedom for the survivors doesn’t come easy, because between them and the ports, the enemy waits. MARKSMAN Rifleman Arthur Cadoc, stranded in the chaos of war, now fights for the Spanish guerrilleros. With only his training, wits and his trusty Baker rifle, Cadoc proves that he is not only a daring and a deadly marksman, but a man born for fighting against the odds. DEATH IS A DUTY June 1815, and Napoleon Bonaparte has returned to plunge Europe into war once again. During the course of the campaign, Regimental-Sergeant Major Adam Bannerman of the 42nd Royal Highlanders uncovers a dark tale of murder, and must use his wits to survive not only the French assaults,

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