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Tormented by nightmares Lydia Hamilton fears for her sanity.  Living with her one true love, Dan Taylor, a family doctor, Lydia thinks her life is perfect. When her father dies in an accident, Lydia discovers the truth behind the lies she had always been told.  With increasing fear of her nightmares Lydia becomes irrational. Dan sees her dreams as a threat to his carefully planned life.  Contacting a psychologist, Alan Stokes, Dan tells him he wants the dreams stopped.  But when Alan learns the content of Lydia’s dreams, that she is another person, a maid servant to Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn.  Lydia and Alan begin to believe that Elisabeth Beeton really lived the life of Lydia’s
A trip to Lydia’s ancestral home in Devon, England may be what they need to solve the mystery of her nightmares.

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