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A War of 1812 Novel


Website(s) www.mikeklaassen.com 
Genres Historical Fiction
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A miscalculation that nearly ripped the new nation apart. Five young Americans in the fight of their lives. The War of 1812 as never before told—a thriller. With questionable justification and inadequate preparation, the newly united States of America declared war on Great Britain, the most powerful nation on earth. From Canada to New Orleans, sixteen-year-old backwoodsman Lemuel Wyckliffe seeks revenge for the massacre of his family. Silas Shackleton, a soldier in the American army, reluctantly fights in battles from the Niagara River to Lake Champlain. Recruited by Tecumseh, Muscogee warrior Hadjo fights to drive the whites back into the sea. Canadian-born infantry-lieutenant George Sherbourne spies on the government of President James Madison. In Washington City, Rachel Thurston helps her Federalist father plot to break the northeastern states away and realign with the British. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling story or an entertaining means of learning more about a turning point in history, you’ll enjoy Mike Klaassen’s third action-packed novel. Rediscover the War of 1812 with Backlash today!

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