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An Involuntary King

A Tale of Anglo Saxon England


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Genres Historical Fiction
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The younger son of a Saxon king unexpectedly finds himself wearing the crown when his father and older brother are slain in an attempted usurping. His is a story of a young man striving to prove himself to others and to quench his own self-doubt. He is aided by his queen, the love of his life, and his loyal friends, but finds himself beset by monumental challenges.

He must overcome threat in battle, from treachery, and from setbacks that shake him. The queen is relentlessly pursued by a darkly sensual mercenary who will do anything to win her away from her husband, even cold-blooded murder. While the king wages battle in his wife’s homeland she is caught behind enemy lines and joins in the fight to restore the sovereignty of the kingdom. Hard choices must be made and more conflict faced before the king, queen and their children will be together again. This novel is the story of steadfast love amid brutal battles, devastating loss, heart breaking betrayal, yet with acts of remarkable devotion and even humor along the way.

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