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Acts of Dreams

Part 3 of The Inquisition Trilogy


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Book Series The Inquisition Trilogy
Genres Historical Fiction
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A CASE OF HATE: Can Jews live in England?
THE DEFENDANTS: William and Maria Ames—English Jews who dared to challenge the Edict of Expulsion in the Court of the Star Chamber.
THE PROSECUTOR: Nicholas Barham—arrogant barrister who never lost a case.
THE DEFENCE COUNSEL: Richard Shaw—humble-but-brilliant lawyer willing to risk everything in the pursuit of justice.
THE JUDGE: Christopher Hatton—Protestant who tolerated Catholics but had no use for Jews.
THE MONARCH: Queen Elizabeth—the verdict’s final arbiter—famous for flirting with handsome courtiers and for vacillating before crucial decisions
THE PRIVATEER: Francis Drake—slaver-turned-comrade of Black freedom fighters and the man who could end the equivocation of the queen.

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