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The Seal of Throkar


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Genres Fantasy
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In a world walked by gods and their immortal avatars, a hidden war is brewing.

When the immortal avatar of a god is murdered, the remaining avatars suspend their differences and flee to the safest place they know: the fortress of the goddess of war. The frail truce might keep them from each other’s throats while inside the walls, but won’t stop them from plotting and scheming against one another in retaliation for eons-old betrayals.

For Quinthian, handmaiden to the fertility goddess, the situation goes from merely intolerable to catastrophic when she is sent on a mission to investigate the crime alongside Dalanar, a powerful sorcerer in service to her enemy. The man is intelligent, cunning, inexcusably handsome—and has been persecuting the followers of her goddess for as long as Quin can remember. Despite the lifetime of animosity between them, they must cooperate if they hope to save their avatars from the mysterious assassin’s hand.

When their inquiry uncovers a deeper conspiracy, Quin is forced to question her faith, her loyalty, and everything she knows about her allies and her adversaries. However, the Summer Festival is fast approaching—a time when Quin must take a suitor to ensure a strong harvest, but which also might be just the opportunity the killer has been waiting for. In a game where the gods themselves are pawns, the man she is sworn to kill could provide her only chance of protecting the people she loves. But first, Quin must decide who can be trusted and who is worth saving.

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