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The Reclaiming


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“An epic tale on the smallest scale!”

On the northern shores of the island colony of Glenisle lies the Turish port city of Tamendad, where business as usual includes keeping a watchful eye on the island’s native inhabitants to the south. When an enemy emerges from the darkness to threaten the city, an unlikely group of heroes must band together: a young nobleman, a penniless wanderer, an enigmatic ambassador from another land, a lord of the indigenous Dammaugh people, a squat blacksmith, a jewelry merchant, the Captain of the Guard, even the city’s own Governor. Together they must save something more precious than the world: their home.

S. Matthew McNally presents the opening installment of the Kalatheptoris Cycle, an epic tale of swordsmanship, romance, philosophy, political intrigue, friendship, betrayal and brotherhood.

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