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Siren Song


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How can a pint-sized, self-avowed word nerd master otherworldly forces when she hardly has the wherewithal to master calculus? That’s exactly the conundrum for Ariel Robinson, who arrives at Montana State University and quickly encounters far more than the normal share of freshman woes. Siren Song: Book 1 of the Siren Song Trilogy is author B.A. Blackwood’s first of three wildly inventive, humor-inflected young adult fantasy novels starring fallen angels who roam the earth, and the unsuspecting who happen across their high-flying paths. With wit, suspense, and a romance that transcends the human plane, it’s a smart, fantastical foray certain to absorb readers who relish a read that’s equal parts fantastical and downright funny.

When Ariel receives the glossy brochure from Montana State University, the outdoorsy tomboy feels like a lifer who’s been shown the secret escape passage from her parents’ Dallas socialite scene. But when she arrives in Bozeman with her trunk load of books and headful of ten-dollar words, the welcoming committee is far from what she had hoped for. Ariel’s actually been lured into the training grounds of two battling factions of the Fallen Angels, who are convinced that she can lead them to the Piece of Home, a mysterious, coveted object that will determine who wins their war. All is not lost, however. A ridiculously good-looking senior named Michael seems intent on popping up everywhere to chaperone her home.

While her blonde bombshell roommate Kristin and geeky classmate Todd insert themselves into their relationship in various vexing ways, Ariel is soon initiated into a world of Fallen Angels, including the kindly, patriarchal Achimalech, snooty Daniel, robotic Cyrus, and superstar lawyer Lucian. Can Ariel find the Piece of Home and settle the age-old score–and snag a super hot boyfriend in the process?

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