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Scotland’s Guardians


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Since Bryanna grows up in Scotland, she is familiar with Hobgoblins, Selkies and Kelpies from the tales of her mother country. But she is very surprised when she starts seeing these creatures one day. Is she hallucinating? Before she can ask her father’s advice, he is kidnapped by a woman whose scent seems awfully familiar. Instead of calling the police, Bryanna follows the kidnapper and lands smack-dab in the middle of the adventure of her life. It’s just as well she knows the old legends and myths well enough. The world she lands in is murderously dangerous. And even if she survives the journey, she is fated to kill her father.

I got the idea to this story during one of my numerous visits in Scotland. Beside the unbelievably beautiful nature, this country has much to offer particularly one thing: the supernatural. Every region has its own mythical creature and every Scotsman knows at least one haunted house or monster of a loch. No matter if on the mountains, at the coast or in the valleys, there are as many stories about Brownies, Boobries and Kelpies as there are grains of sand by the sea. Fascinated, I decided to put at least some of these creatures into a novel but it only took form after a woman appeared in my mind whose eyes mirrored the Scottish moors and not the garden she looked at.

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