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They want to make him a weapon, but he would rather die than kill others.
Obedience has been an ever present specter looming over Christian Hoyt. Having lived in the foster care system for ten years, he has been a ward of the state, of his foster family, of those who would make decisions for him. And so the arrival of his 18th birthday must be a symbol of freedom–and yet–it is only the beginning…
Forced out by those who once gave him shelter, Christian steps into a brand new life in more ways than one. His life hasn’t just changed–he has. Abilities of great power and potential flood him with fear and a growing sense of dread for things to come. Suddenly a captive of the military and under the control of Dr. Rodriguez, a sinister man with a plan for Christian, life becomes bleak and treacherous for the young man who wishes harm to none. With Christian under the Doctor’s control, there is no telling what destruction and death will rain down on all those whom Christian meets, befriends, fears, and even loves. For obedience does not rise from complicity–and Christian would rather die than submit to the whims of evil men.

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