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Lady Liege

The Serving Magic Series Book 3


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Book Series Serving Magic
Genres Fantasy, Young Adult
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A stubborn clan chief. A missing brother. And the most powerful necromancer in three kingdoms. Will Linden have to choose between her duty and her heart?

Linden knows it’s only a matter of time before Mordahn’s army attacks her nation.

Everyone agrees with Linden’s plan to take the fight to Mordahn—everyone except the handsome, obstinate Chief of Arrowood. Linden and the clan chief part on bitter terms.

Every prophecy predicts this is the final showdown between Linden and Mordahn, between the Liege of Faynwood and the darkest sorcerer in generations. Linden is determined to dispatch Mordahn once and for all, even if it means pursuing him into the realms of the dead.

**Read the exciting conclusion to Linden’s trilogy—and look for Mara’s duology next!**

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