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Karda: Adalta Vol I


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Illustrator Kurt Nilson
Genres Fantasy
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On the beautiful world Adalta, an ancient alien emerges.

Young Marta is dropped to the planet for her first secret mission alone. In this dangerous job there are two rules: Don’t get attached. Don’t get discovered.

As cover for her mission, Marta joins the Mi’hiru, the all-female elite guard who patrol the skies on Karda, majestic hawk-headed flying horses.

Arrows and swords are the only weapons allowed on this planet. But Marta discovers illegal high-tech weapons smuggled from her ship.

The ancient alien, long thought defeated, uses a power hungry nobleman to escape and with the smuggled weapons they threaten all life on this planet.

To stop this threat, Marta reluctantly joins forces with handsome, arrogant Altan. As their connection grows, she struggles to keep her secrets.

Tensions rise. The alien’s power grows. Will Marta accept the frightening elemental magic Adalta wants to give her to save the planet she loves?

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