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In Daylight and Darkness


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Genres Fantasy
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When Kate’s dearest childhood friend returns to warn her of danger, she’s not happy to see him. After all, Cor isn’t really a monster-slaying master swordsman from another world.

He’s a hallucination. Kate spent years in a mental ward for believing otherwise.

Cor did his best to honor Kate’s wishes when she sent him away five years ago, but human worldwalkers are rare and that makes her tempting prey for Hunters from his world. Cor couldn’t leave her to die, not if he had the power to protect her. Now it’s time for her to learn to protect herself.

If Kate returns to his world and learns to defend herself, he’ll walk out of her life forever, just like she wants. His world is wilder than Kate remembers and Cor is keeping secrets, but the more time they spend together, the more she sees in him the boy she used to love. It’s getting harder to imagine saying goodbye.

Kate lost everything the last time she believed him and if Cor is real, so are the monsters. Can she risk both of their lives to follow her heart?

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