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Flight of the Spark


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Genres Fantasy
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An ancient prophecy, now an outlawed myth. A forbidden love, that could be deadly. A young girl, who never suspected that those who promised safety were her deadliest enemies.

Iskra is committed to following the rules, the rules that keep everyone safe. But when a supposedly savage outlaw rescues her from a gang of vicious bandits, she realizes the price of safety is freedom. And that most of what she believes is a lie.

When her questions prompt the authorities to abduct her friend, Iskra resolves to learn the truth about the rebellious outsiders and their magic amulets.

Even though she knows that her quest for answers could get her killed—or worse—she presses on to discover the shocking truth that has been ruthlessly suppressed. Will she overcome her fears in her fight for truth and freedom, or will the pitiless leaders destroy her and her love?

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