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Vylaena Azrel has one goal in life: lift the Curse set upon her by the goddess Ikna, dooming her to feel others’ pain as her own. Living alone in the haunted Elderwood just outside the city of Cyair, Vylaena keeps well away from civilization—until the day a mysterious solicitor arrives at her doorstep to make her an offer that will change her life.

Unwillingly entangled in matters of state, Vylaena is brought to the Cyair Palace to play bodyguard to a newly-arrived foreign ambassador. Bound to the city and annoyed at her predicament, she endures her new position with grim acceptance. But the post proves more complicated than expected; despite her efforts to remain detached, Vylaena is forced to contend with the mass disappearances plaguing the kingdom, a war looming to the south, and a dark past that refuses to stay where she left it.

As dangerous forces converge around her, Vylaena has difficult choices to make—choices that will not only determine her own future, but the fate of the entire world.

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