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Crystal Moth Conspiracy

Ash Born Book One


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Illustrator Lee Nielsen
Genres Fantasy, Thriller
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She is hellbent on revenge. A fallen angel is her target.

Outlaw Lola Cabello uncovers a dark magic from the old world.
The violent Crystal Moths murdered her loved ones. She needs retribution and allies with the last nymph, Synarion. As a guardian of Mother Nature, he wants diplomacy. She longs to eradicate and expose the Moths, pushing their allegiance to the edge. Can she trust him?
Her undercover reporting training gives a technological edge, descending her into an escalating scheme of reptilian drug lords led by the fallen angel Mastema. They know she is after them and the gangsters send their hell-born assassin, Scalebane, to silence her.
Vampires, talking plants, and demons won’t get in Lola’s way. Ash is the name of the game and she fixates on the drug’s power, damaging her mental and physical state. Lead Detective Iglesias closes in on her. He fears he is the last clean cop.

They control the media.
The forgotten will rise.
Lola is not prepared for this rabbit hole.

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