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Suzie Snowflake

One beautiful flake


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Illustrator Maksym Stasiuk
Genres Children's
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Follow Suzie on a magical journey of discovering her true self worth within.

A celestial tale of self-discovery and acceptance featuring a very special snowflake you can’t help but love.

Journey across an incredibly illustrated world; so surreal you might never want to return to earth.

Discover with Suzie how “Each of us was made with perfection in mind” and “Each of us is filled with treasures to find.”

A beautifully illustrated self-esteem story for all ages!

Suzie Snowflake struggles with what she sees as “flaws” and “imperfections” in her beautiful design. “How can I notice my outer is bright, when there are parts of myself I don’t really like?”

Through the love and wisdom of her parents, Suzie discovers her true inner beauty and light. “It’s who you are inside that counts, your inner light that shines through, and who you are outside is wondrous too.”

“Look at your art, look at your design, six magical sides, created one of a kind!

A wonderful affirmation of the importance of self-love and uniqueness; nurturing to every child.

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