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Simon’s Rocket to the Moon


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Illustrator Vitali Dudarenka
Genres Children's
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The solar system is full of mystery. Can one curious feathered friend build a way to explore space?

Simon loves gazing up at the night sky. As he stares at the brightly shining moon, the little bird wonders what kind of friends he might make up there… and if they have ice cream. So he comes up with the brilliant idea to construct a mighty homemade spaceship and blast off into the atmosphere.

Sharing his grand plan with his barnyard buddies, Simon is thrilled that everybody wants to join the adventure and help bring his futuristic craft to life. So they all get to drafting sketches, collecting cardboard, and hammering nails to ready their great galactic chariot for their biggest trip ever!

Can Simon and his pals zoom off the launchpad before it’s time for bed?

Simon’s Rocket to the Moon is the fabulous third book in the Simon’s Tree House Adventures children’s series. If you or your child like intrigue at bedtime, tons of fun animals, and beautiful imagery, then you’ll love Stephen G. Bowling’s lovely page-turner.

Buy Simon’s Rocket to the Moon to shoot for the stars today!

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