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Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum


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Illustrator Stevie Mahardhika
Genres Children's
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In Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum, Zeke’s mom teaches him all about potty training. Starting with learning how to wipe his bum, Zeke is trying to learn how to do things all by himself. But he still needs his mom to give him helpful tips along the way.

Potty training doesn’t have to be scary! Just like Zeke, children can learn to do things for themselves that are age and ability appropriate. When kids show interest in potty training, both parents and kids will be ready to leap forward with a positive attitude!

Mom’s Not® books are an important tool in the family toolkit to raise happy and well-rounded kids. Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum will entertain children through joyful storytelling and help them easily digest the message of “you can do it yourself!”. Plus, parents will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor sprinkled throughout.

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