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Euphonia Klank and the Aether Beast

A Steampunk Picture Book for Kids


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Illustrator karinanechval
Genres Fantasy
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Euphonia Klank and the Aether Beast is a fun, playful children’s book that takes you on a steampunk adventure. With beautiful pictures, playful language, and a main character full of moxie, this book is perfect for kids five to seven years old.

In this story, Euphonia Klank is a little girl who is taking her steampunk world by storm. She’s smart, kind, and adventurous, but she gets into trouble when she accidentally releases an Aether Beast to run amok. By the end of the story, Euphonia learns how to make friends with the skittish Aether Beast. But what will happen when her parents come home?

As Euphonia chases the Aether Beast, she fills her house with clanks, bangs, drips, and other fun sounds. Euphonia Klank and the Aether Beast includes pages of activities to explore onomatopoeia with your child.

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