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Calvin the Christmas Tree

The Greatest Christmas Tree of All


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Illustrator Vitali Dudarenka
Genres Children's
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A heartwarming story that will become a Christmas tradition. The story of how the littlest tree becomes the greatest Christmas tree of all.
This is a tale of long ago, one that every tree hears every Christmas.

Farmer Stumpstinkle and his wife own the best tree farm around. And only the best of the best become Christmas trees. Calvin is the youngest and littlest tree on Stumpstinkle’s Farm. December is coming and all he can think about is being a Christmas Tree. The other trees are encouraging. TowerTwidle the tallest Tree, FexerStout the strongest tree, and BellaBurush the prettiest tree all give him advice.

GrumpMeyer, the second oldest tree, is a grumpy old grump who says Calvin can’t be a Christmas tree. He tells Calvin that he’s too small and his branches aren’t strong enough to hold ornaments. But Calvin doesn’t believe him, and he doesn’t give up. Calvin goes through a tough time, but his persistence pays off.

Each illustration is hand-painted and reminds us of a Christmas past. The paintings are designed to enhance the story with rich detail and engage a child’s imagination. “Calvin the Christmas Tree” is a book that will create wonderful childhood memories.

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