William J. Cook

Award-winning Mystery Author


About William J. Cook

William J. Cook is a Connecticut native transplanted to Oregon in 1989. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, where he received a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Years of study in two Catholic seminaries and a long career as a mental health therapist have shaped (or warped!) his world view. He is spending his retirement with his artist-wife Sharon, who paints in the dining room while he writes in the kitchen. He enjoys babysitting for his fifteen grandchildren and (pre-COVID!) sneaking away to mid-week matinees at local movie theaters, a vice which he claims he contracted from his mother, an inveterate fan of action and sci-fi films. He is the author of the novel Songs for the Journey Home, The Pieta in Ordinary Time and Other Stories, Catch of the Day, a collection of short stories, and The Driftwood Mysteries, including the novel, Seal of Secrets, the short story, Eye of Newt, the novel, Woman in the Waves, and the latest novel, Dungeness and Dragons.

The website promotes his writing, but also talks about independent publishing, other indie authors, favorite movies and TV shows, and just about anything that captures his attention (and yours, too, he hopes) 

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