Victor Breitburg with Joseph G. Krygier

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About Victor Breitburg with Joseph G. Krygier

Joseph is the Pastor of New Covenant Baptist Fellowship Teaching weekly and performing other pastoral duties and responsible for organizing and teaching at All Things New Conference and Think Tanks from 2007 to present. Also frequent guest speaker on local television program. Taught seminars in Australia in 2007.

From 2009 to the present serves as the Director of our overseas ministry in the Philippines. Theodoulos provides ongoing theological and practical training ( for people from various backgrounds) for pastors, leaders and others and we are preparing to offer free public school education as partners in a government program called the Moral Transformation Program. We are also in the final stages of opening our Theology School, which will be taught on site and online by me and other staff members. I travel to the Philippines once a year at present.

We are also engaged in disaster relief on Mindanao Island, our home base, and Leyte, since Yolanda. I am working with the WWII Museum in Eldred, Pa. to continue to develop their permanent Holocaust Exhibit. I was the guest speaker at the inaugural for the exhibit on Memorial Day, 2014. Helping to develop curriculum and teaching at the Museum for special Holocaust programs, workshops and teaching students who make field trips to the Museum Our book, A Rage To Live:Surviving The Holocaust So Hitler Would Not Win, on Holocaust survivor and educator, Victor Breitburg, is on display at the museum in the Holocaust Exhibit and in their library. Our book is in the Yad Vashem Library, The Imperial War Museum Library, The USHMM Library, the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum Library, Buffalo, N.Y. Holocaust Research Center, and the library at the Holocaust Media Studies Center Atlantic University, Boca Raton Florida.

I am also writing a play, Chagrined, based on the book and we are in the process of doing an audio book, using professional actors, with a complete musical score. You can read about it on the website. Part of the score is performed on video by one of the composers.

I have also attended two Belfer Holocaust Educator Conferences in Washington D.C. in 2013 and 2014 and most recently was part of a pilot study scholarship program in Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem for pastors and Christian workers  from November 28th- December 7th, 2015.

I also served for twenty years as a pastor/chaplain, curriculum writer, program co-ordinator at Buffalo City Mission doing drug and alcohol counseling which included life management classes (time management, job search, financial planning, among other things). I have taught pastoral/leadership, adult, young adult and teen seminars in Canada, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. Much of that work was through a large internatinal organization, Word of Life. I have worked with translators in 8 different languages. Taught studies and workshops at national and regional conferences on multi-ethnic and urban issues in urban America and how churches need to respond to changes within our culture. Written articles in two monthly newspapers on these topics and served as managing editor.


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