T.G. Steel

Award-winning Literary Fiction Author


About T.G. Steel

T.G. Steel grew up in the Australian bush, a childhood spent exploring the plants and creatures that lived there. An amateur naturalist, his explorations led him to the isolated frost hollows and kaste plains of the Kosciusko mountains and the land of the Snowy River in South Eastern Australia. It was here he came across the unique world in which Briabehk is set.
He has explored the depths of the caverns that run beneath the plain, waded the subterranean rivers and explored the great chasms that cut through this beautiful landscape. He has seen this world suffer under the harshness of deep winter blizzards and breathed the sweetness of the Spring air when the bush-land comes alive with countless blossoms. It is from this experience Briabehk is written.
He now lives in California’s Napa Valley and continues to write.


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