Stephanie R. Sorensen

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Stephanie R. Sorensen

Stephanie is a writer based in the Victorian mining town of Leadville, Colorado, where she lives at 10,251 feet with her husband, five chickens, two bantam English game hens and one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After a former life in big cities–New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Boston, Mexico City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Santa Fe–she now enjoys the bustle and birdsong of Leadville, population 2,700 in town and 7,000 in the county, not counting dogs, burros and the occasional bear. She likes her Victorian attire spiced with a little neo-Victorian futurism and the biggest bustle possible.

She published her debut novel Toru: Wayfarer Returns, the first installment in her Sakura Steam series, on February 16, 2016 through her own imprint, Palantir Press. She is working on her second novel, a historical novel set in 1519 Mexico, as well as the next book in the Sakura Steam series.

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