Stephanie Krol

Award-winning Non-Fiction Author


About Stephanie Krol

Dr. Stephanie Krol’s favorite title isn’t Doctor, past Dean of Schools in Higher Education for For-profit Allied Health Schools, or current co-owner of a Real Estate School, Publishing Services company or being a Hybrid Publisher. Her favorite title is simple-dog owner.

She will be the first to tell you her proudest accomplishment was saving her dog’s life, despite getting contradictory advice from top vets. Her boy is now living a vibrant and happy life filled with energy, love, and vitality. She teaches dog owners how to optimize their dog’s health by implementing a unique nutrition plan which is based on science and common sense.

Dr. Krol also holds Certifications in Raw Dog Food Nutrition, Animal Behavior for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits, Functional Medicine, Health & Wellness Coaching, Publishing, and Accreditation from the Association of Drugless Practitioners as well as Professional Status and Member of the: International Association of Canine Professionals. She also holds degrees in Education (Doctorate), Organizational Leadership and Public Administration (Masters), Psychology (Bachelors) (minors in Applied English and Communication), and is licensed in MI and IL as a Broker.

She is currently a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Raw Dog Nutrition Specialist, and Dog Health Coach, advocating for people and their pet’s health and wellness around the world! Additionally, she is an Multi-Award-winning published Author, holds her own imprint, is a Publishing Services owner and manager as well as a Hybrid Publisher, supporting authors in all genres around the world for self-publishing, hybrid publishing, paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks, and audiobooks.

For the latest updates or to contact for pet consultations, you can reach out to Dr. Stephanie at:

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For self and hybrid publishing at Riley-Infinity & Lemniscate Infinity Press: or 630-686-1368.