S.S. Segran

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About S.S. Segran

An avid reader since early childhood, S.S.Segran had written several short stories before embarking on ‘AEGIS RISING’, the first book in the Aegis League Series at the age of fourteen. In crafting the premise for the series, she drew from the inspiring imagery of the Pacific Northwest and her abiding love for adventure and speculative fiction. She is an ardent fan of horseback riding and parkour, and having jumped out of a perfectly fine airplane at fifteen thousand feet, perhaps skydiving!

S.S.Segran is also the founder of Aegis League (www.aegisleague.org), a non-profit organization whose goal is to support youths living in places and conditions that deny them opportunities to grow. The mission of the organization is to provide life-skills training and micro-loan funding to help them launch small businesses in the communities where they reside. Partial proceeds from the sale of the Aegis Series books go to this cause.