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About Ron Miner

Ron graduated from the University of Rhode Island 46 years ago with a BA in English and immediately put it to good use…as a landscape contractor. Jobs were scarce, and landscape design came pretty naturally to him, so for a time most of his writing amounted to letters to the editor or, if hackles rose enough, to politicians.

That all changed in 2011 when his father passed away and the family made some unusual discoveries. A magical trove of artwork, writing, photos, and memorabilia of all shapes and sizes lay dormant among his father’s belongings. He now realized an outstanding, poignant WWII tale about a largely unknown group of fliers was practically handed to him, rekindling his passion for writing and presenting a unique opportunity to pay tribute to this special cast of characters. Sketches of a Black Cat has now been republished as an expanded Full Color edition and Ron continues to work enthusiastically on behalf of Black Cats and WWII veterans everywhere. Writing for blogs and magazines, giving presentations, and developing a new documentary for museums are a big part of the equation. He is also actively seeking another “Greatest Generation” story crying out to be told.

Ron and his wife, Heidi, live in the Oregon countryside with their dogs, enjoying hiking, gardening, and photography. Heidi is a retired teacher and Ron is still modestly involved with landscape design and consulting projects.

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