Robert Cole

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About Robert Cole

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I achieved a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the Australian National University before deciding to embark on a world travel tour throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This sparked my interest in international affairs particularly in the areas of social and political justice. Upon returning to Sydney, I completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology followed by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Sydney University. Since then, I have worked in a number of biotech companies and have numerous scientific publications.

Concurrent with my scientific career, I have always had a strong interest in speculative fiction and have published an apocalyptic novel called “Nuclear Midnight” that climbed to number one on Amazon UK and have recently published the sequel “The Rise of Alpha.”. “The Ego Cluster” is really a social comment on human nature intertwined with the current climate crisis and the struggle between the humanitarian interests of science and international corporations. Clearly a pertinent issue given the current climate crisis. My other areas of interest lie in children and teenage fiction, generated while raising three children. 

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