Robert Carter

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Robert Carter

Robert Carter   1955-2015

We are sorry to announce the passing of Robert Carter – author of 2 B.R.A.G.Medallion Honorees

Death Valley Scotty  and   The Deadly Playground 1914

Not only was Rob an extremely talented author, he was a  valued reader for indieBRAG, a great supporter and a great friend who will be missed.


Best selling author of Historical fiction, Fantasy & HumorI was born in Staffordshire, near Etruria, the place made famous by Josiah Wedgwood, but was brought up in Sydney, Australia and later in Lancashire, England. Bob studied astrophysics at Newcastle University, where he started the student science fiction society. Writing novels had always played a part in his life, and he tried to see the world enough to be able to write fiction with the help of personal experience.

After university, the US oil industry was booming so Bob went to Dallas, Texas, later on he worked on rigs in various parts of the Middle East and the war-torn heart of Africa. He was aboard the Ron Tappmeyer, a rig that blew out in the Persian Gulf, killing 19 men. It was dangerous work, but well-paid, and it took him to places that outsiders rarely see, like the Rub-al-Khali of Arabia and hard-to-reach parts of equatorial Africa.

When Bob left the oilfields, he spent time on travel, first to East Berlin and Warsaw, then to Moscow and Leningrad. From thereheI took the Trans-Siberian railway to Japan. In Hong Kong, he worked on a road survey, took tea with the heir of the last king of Upper Burma near Mandalay, and on the path to Everest base camp just happened to run into Sir Edmund Hillary. After traveling around most of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, Bob returned home and took up a job with the BBC. Four years later, he left BBC TV to write. He finally settled in London, but he still like to head off to interesting parts when time allowed.