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About Nicole Draffen

Nicole Draffen is an advisor by profession and an author, a builder, a fixer by passion, and a challenger. She loves tearing things apart to understand them, and then try to prove or disprove their merit. This allows her to move through life with an air of certainty about what she knows, and also what she doesn’t know. When Draffen lived abroad, the social and cultural consciousness of the people she met, and the things she observed, inspired her natural inclination to understand and study the value of cultural norms. The more she traveled overseas, the more she grew to understand certain aspects of the American perception of culture.

The culmination of her journeys was the lead-up and the inspiration to starting the global social movement, HYPHENED-NATION™. A mission that further prompted writing her book of the same title, with sub-title and ongoing penchant: DON’T CHECK THE BOX/HYPHENATION CREATES SEPARATION. As a passionate author gravitating towards social anthropology and politics, Draffen is dedicated to both writing about and celebrating the world’s diversity and solidarity; with an eye on future book releases and other announcements about her latest work. Steadfast and ever driven, her love of helping people and making a difference began early on and has stayed with her ever since.

Draffen truly believes if determined with a positive outlook, everyone has the ability to achieve whatever they set out to do. A native and resident of Southern California, when she is not making plans on how to change the world, Draffen can be found in her garden tending to a vast variety of plants, Feng Shui-ing everything in sight, collecting antique paintings and furniture; and with a love of good books, theater, plays, attending jazz festivals, Korean food, and running. Draffen has run in a number of races and marathons over the years, including the San Francisco Marathon and the Snowdonia Marathon in Wales. Most important to her is spending quality time with her family, including playing Pokémon Go with her fun nieces and nephews.

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